Question of the Day 24

Greetings, ACP! A few days ago, I asked you to fill in the blank: “There’s nothing like a good __” Here’s my favorite answers:

The next satirical question is:

“What would be in your best dream?”

Thanks for reading and say no to hype.

13 Responses

  1. Naked female penguins 😮

  2. Meeting Neil Peart

  3. The air.

    • Sorry I thought the question was “What would you be in your best dream?”. Ainsley Harriott is the actual answer.

  4. In life we always have dreams, some that come true, some that don’t. A dream I have is to become a hairdresser that is successful. My dreams aim not a high as others but still being very high. I hope to be able to travel around the world being a hairdresser #HairDressingForLife

  5. Donald Trump

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