Events for the Week[April 24th-30th]!

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With what is known as the Summer Struggle approaches, activeness overall has started to dip, as expected. Seeing as the school year is still active and with state testing coming up very soon for USA and exams for UK and AUSIA, efforts will be made to best adjust times so certain people aren’t left unable to attend events because of the timings and busy next few weeks. Regardless of what happens, we must all stick together and truly focus our unified efforts into surviving until the summer break. As that well known saying goes, “We’re not out of the woods yet!”

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March onward, soldiers!

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events for the week


Today’s Events


Wow that ACP site Tho

Its pretty great.

Unscheduled UK Training Event Results

Hey ACP! Today we logged on outback for an unscheduled training event. We managed to have a maximum size of 17 and averaged a size of 14. Pictures are provided by Ahmed and Cody.

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AUSIA unscheduled recruiting

Greetings, ACP.  Today, AUSIA logged on for a quick recruiting session where we maxed ten . Carry on reading for pictures. Continue reading

Survey Regarding Event Times


Recently I have realized that there is a bit of an issue it seems with the event times. In the past few days, event times have been rather low in terms of activity unusually, and it’s been harder to have events. I’ve also heard some people call out the timings of our events recently. In addition to the previous reasons, state testing is coming up fast, or is already here for the USA division specifically. Aside from USA, UK and AUSIA are also in the middle of a busy school year riddled with exams and homework. I felt there should be a survey made public for people to answer so we can make sure we know the times best for our soldiers who devote time and effort into ACP. Having events at times that aren’t possible for a large amount of people wouldn’t be fair.

This survey will hopefully help every division since the results will reflect the times people voted. The survey is on Google Forms, and there is no login required to complete it. If you have any questions let me[King Mondo] know on chat, or reply to this post.

⇒The deadline to complete the survey is in 3 days.⇐

Click here: ¤>SURVEY<¤

***Remember to SUBMIT your responses after answering!***

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March Onward, Soldiers!

Question of the Day 24

Greetings, ACP! A few days ago, I asked you to fill in the blank: “There’s nothing like a good __” Here’s my favorite answers:

The next satirical question is:

“What would be in your best dream?”

Thanks for reading and say no to hype.

UK Tactic Session

Greetings, ACP.  Today, UK logged on to Breeze for a tactic session where we maxed thirteen. Carry on reading for pictures.

23rd april 2016 uk 15

I was hesitant to put this one in but it was too funny..

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AUSIA Unscheduled Recruiting

Greetings, ACP.  Today,  AUSIA had an unscheduled recruiting session where they maxed eleven. Carry on reading for pictures.

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Going on Vacation – Temp-Promotions

Edwin and Mondo have been promoted to temporary ACP Leader.

JT has been promoted to temporary 3ic.

Clover Power 

UK Cleansing of North Pole

Greetings, ACP.  Today,  the UK division logged on North Pole and cleansed it. We maxed seventeen ; we also had decent tactics through parts of the event. Carry on reading for pictures provided by Fluffy, I, Lionz and Dm.

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