Let’s just Hack / RAT and DDoS everybody!

This community is wonderful. I’m glad that i’m able to be here and take notes from legends such as Waterkid and most likely a future legend, ToySoldier. These 2 people have taught me and many other people, that I can RAT, DDoS and Hack anybody I want and still be praised as a good leader and a great legend. I’m glad that when I want to gain access to all my troops computers I will have nothing happen to me because that’s just how this system works. It’s also amazing that If I wanted too, I could go around and bot raid any event I want because nobody does anything about it. Obviously I’m not going to do any of these things because I’m not an outright asshole. Flen bot raided this community for months and he’s still accepted into this community. Waterkid hacked over 100 of his own troops and other people around the community, he even kept recruiting even after his army died, just so people would download his RAT. If this doesn’t scream legend, then I don’t know what does, this guy is what everybody should look up to and want to be. Toysoldier told everybody that he and Flen were giving leaders and soldiers RATs and DDoSing people just for fun. There are even CPAC posts where Toy said his hacking was fun for him. I think we’re a joke for not doing anything about this. I’ve tried to do something about these things, but its no use. My post about Waterkid had tons of people hating on him, wanting him gone from here. But the people who actually have the power to do so, won’t do anything about him. Before any of you high ranking legends of the community say “Well what do you want us to do”. This community has been alive for nearly 10 years, I bet you can figure something out.

Keep this in mind CPA

If you want to RAT, DDOS, HACK anyone. 



What a time to be alive.

Army of Club Penguin [ACP]: let us know what you're thinking!

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