Contests & Giveaways (100th Post)

Hello ACP. This post is my 100th ACP post in the army. This week will be full of contests and events to show you my thanks. Not just for letting me be here, but helping me become the person I am right now. I’m really defensive about the army, which causes me to get mad or annoyed at people who try to harm us. I know we’ve been getting bot raided multiple times the past few days, but I’m not going to give up and I hope nobody else does either. Lots of changes coming to the army soon, so let’s finish off this week with a little fun. You guys mean the world to me and you’re my family.

We can reach the sizes below if we try hard enough, the bots are going to try to destroy our spirit, we can’t let it happen. We’ve accomplished so much so far, and we have much more to accomplish.

We are the Army of Club Penguin

Clover Power

Pain is temporary, quitting is forever

(Times will be added soon) / Comment if you can make it to them.

Thursday: March On Breeze (USA)
Goal: 30+

Reward: 500 Xat giveaway


Friday: Major Recruiting Session (USA)
Goal: 40+

Reward: [2] 1 Week Temp Owners
Reward2: [3] 2 Week Temp Moderators


Saturday: Snowball Fight (UK)

Goal: 25+

Reward: TBA


Sunday: UK Training Session + Drawing Contest

Goal: 25+

Reward: 500 Xats goes to the winner of the drawing contest (also needs to attend the event)



2 Responses

  1. Congrats Trader!

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