UK/USA Practice Battle VS AR RESULTS!

Greetings ACP, Purp here! Trader gave me the right to post the results of our amazing battle against Army Republic today! At 9pm UK, we marched onto Snow Bank and fought AR, from the town to the berg- good bombs, formations, tactics all the way through! We decided it was a tie, as had the size advantage yet AR were more organised and had better tactics. So that means we need to get more organised with the tactics in events: hey owners, I’m looking at you…

Nonetheless, good job to all the troops who came, keep attending events you guys! You’re on the way for some groovy promotions. For this event we had 20 on CP at the beginning and we grew to 22, which is decent but I’d expect bettefor a Friday night!

Ok, after sentences of my rambling let’s just get on to the pics…

Beginning of the event- here comes the bots!

We fight through their hideous E6 bombs…with some coffee!

AR, what’s with them odd word tactics?!

Oh Ryan!!!

After skiving off to the berg, we get into a decent plus with a decent attempt of a word tactic

AR stop scaring us with ur spooky ghost costumes!

The event ends with cakes and a shocked faces. Ehhh, nice.

If you made it to this point, congratulations. You’ve survived my ‘cringey’ captions.

Make sure you comment if you came, and see you guys next ACP Recap! ~Purp

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