Message to Armies

Attention all Armies, even if we aren’t on the best terms or great allies – it isn’t of any concern. It’s time we as a community start trying our best to help mold this community back into something better. CPAC’s newly announced project is the starting point of such an event, We as a whole need to come together and throw our input – this time around its necessary. We all know armies aren’t like what they used to be, but we need to remain intact with our self and not completely destroy each other. Its time we start doing something about the state were in.

The decaying state of the community and the insane amount of continuous inside and outside forces working against us is unbelievable compared to earlier years. We all know were running out of options, and especially time. Its time this community sorts it self out once more- find common ground and work around our internal issues. The Army of Club Penguin hereby gives its full undivided support towards the Coalitions Project and encourages all armies to do the same. Make sure you all attend this meeting this Saturday, this can very well decide the end fate of this community.

It doesn’t matter how small or how big you’re army is, we are still one whole being- We must come together for this. Take a look at the long expert from Goblin’s post addressing the project – in detail he discusses it formality and its true intentions for all of us.

The ideas and goals of this project are simple in nature – to unify this community again. We want to get this community all on the same page by gathering all the prominent minds of this community under one roof and get the pipeline of discussion flowing in an official and meaningful way, a way that can incite true change. We’re a fairly large community that’s all held together by a diminishing thread of communication. In the past, all armies were their own separate entities that gathered together for things like tournaments, wars, and of course, the CPAC comments section. Those methods of interaction used to serve us well.

Since then, armies have decayed greatly. We’ve atrophied at a rapid pace. We lost our sense of morality, our sense of sportsmanship, we lost our integrity in how we interact with each other, and because of this, we lost our sense of direction. We remained as separate entities, but we lost our common ground, and have struggled since.

At first glance this project may seem reminiscent of the Council project spearheaded by many seminal figures of this community such as Boomer, and Shaboomboom. A Council which I’m sure many of you undoubtedly remember. Many of you undoubtedly remember its collapse as well. Many of you thought it to be no more than an attempted power grab by its pioneers. Many of you simply found no need for a Council. For whatever the reason, Boomers Council met its demise without ever reaching its full potential.

Keeping all this in mind, the Coalitions Project is not the Council. We’re not looking to the history books for directions for the future, we’re looking towards the present.

When we started this project, we had only one thing in mind – the modern era. This project is for the grinders who still log into Club Penguin and battle everyday. This is for those of use who still yearn for higher ranks in our armies, and those who lead them, This is for our daily viewers, the daily players, this is for the modern era. This project is for each and everyone of you to finally have a say in the direction of this community in a healthy, impactful manner.

I’m tired of the state armies are in and I know many of you are to. I think its time we push ourselves to the limit and do as much as we possible can to help our situation – not just as leaders but as members of this blessed community that has phrased many generations of kids lives for years. We aren’t out of options yet, but who is to say when we truly will be? Face it, the time is now.

During the upcoming meeting well be discussing and deciding the process in which we can ensure the up most fairness for each and every army. In order to do this successfully we need everyone – and I mean everyone to come out and show their support. Starting with a General Assemblee on Saturday – encouraging all members of all armies to attend and express their beliefs on this community and rally up for this Ernest cause then shortly after the private voting will proceed with the Army leaders and other extremely influential figures in and outside of armies.

Coalitions Project General Assembly

Saturday, May 28th

CPAC chat


1 PM – 2 PM EST

12 PM – 1 PM CST

11 AM – 12 PM MST

10 AM – 11 AM PST


Coalitions Project Private Voting Panel

Saturday, May 28th

CPAC chat






Its time for all of us to show up and support, It’s time to stop sitting on our butts waiting for something to happen – we need to make it happen. All armies who are interested or would like to show their overall support for this cause please give feed back on CPAC and if you’d like post showing your support for the cause on you’re army site. Something just as small as a short post sating something like

“We _____ ____ Army hereby support the Coalition Project and will be attending”

It’s completely fine if you’d rather not post, But I plead with you all to come out – to at least give this a shot. Together we can do this, Together anything is possible – Lets do this guys. Thanks for hearing us out and we hope that everyone will show their support.


The Army of Club Penguin


~ Bam117

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