Goodbye Army of Club Penguin

I, Trader will be retiring from the Army of Club Penguin. I’m glad to have served 2 leadership terms with the army and it’s been grand.

I love this army, it’s like my home, this army itself means so much to me for many reasons I can’t explain or words don’t match up the way I really feel. I spend so much time on here working to make sure the army gets to where it needs to be. I haven’t achieved everything I’ve wanted to achieve, but eh, that’s life. Everything I did in the army wasn’t for personal gain, but for the army itself to rise and get back to its once former glory. Having to leave wasn’t my choice at all. I wanted to be in this army for years, I thought of this army as my family, but nobody else saw me as family, they saw me as the enemy. It’s not the first army that I thought as my home and family that rejected me, so I wasn’t effected so much this time.

I’ve been going through depression, and leading this army has been helping me go through it. I know most of you, probably everybody, don’t like me. But I liked you guys the entire time. Even when I seemed mad, I never hated anyone. I know you all hated me but it was fun to be here and either way you helped me with a lot of things. To return the favor, I will still be around the help you guys out.

I wish the greatest of luck to the next leadership of the army, I hope they had a better experience than I did while leading. I don’t know if it was because of me just being me, or the Panel of Guardians in general. I tried to change my attitude and the way I act, but it’s just how I am and if I can’t change that, I will move on and pursue bigger things. The next leadership will do great things for the army and you will rise it, hopefully achieve more than I did.

I’m retiring because I’m tired of the owners plotting to get rid of me and constantly being mistreated by other members of the Army of Club Penguin. I’m thankful for the people who were with me the entire time and didn’t agree to the plans they were plotting against me. After 4 coup attempts and constant trashing to me and the way I lead, I can’t deal with it anymore, everybody I thought I trusted just turned on me and used me for ranks or power.

I could go on for days about the community and how it’s dying but there’s no point in that. The Army of Club Penguin can rise and you guys need to work hard to get it to that point. I know this was short, I didn’t have much time to write it and words can’t express my feelings for the army itself and people in it.

Clover Power

“I was deposed by a coup d’etat, by friends that I trusted”

Panel of Guardians – I know you are just doing what you can to help the Army of Club Penguin and keeping it alive, but some of you take it to another level. Advising and acting against the leaders is two different things. But besides that, you guys helped me become a better leader and taught me a lot.

Owners – I’m sorry that I couldn’t make everyone of you happy, I’m a guy who likes to work quietly and do stuff on my own, I’m not the kind of person to ask for every bodies opinion on a subject before acting on it. I don’t tell anyone of you how to lead and you shouldn’t do that to me. You guys did help me a lot and taught me a lot, most of you are very loyal to the army which is why I never actually tried or threatened to demote any of you. You all earned your ranks and I respected every one of you.

Army of Club Penguin Troops – Stay loyal to this army, its the best that there is. Other armies may look very tempting for size, but it’s temporary. The Army of Club Penguin is one of the few armies who haven’t died while being made in 2006, and they don’t plan to die anytime soon.


Drawn by an ACP Troop

Signing off for the last time.


Army of Club Penguin Leader 

Chat things I saved:


66 (1)66 (2)098 (1)098 (6)098 (8)098 (16)098 (17)098 (19)098 (20)098 (23)753 (18)777 (26)777 (41)911 (68)911 (73)3621 (4)66666 (17)77777 (32)098753 (13)098753 (43)098753 (46)362532 (11)636151 (9)636151 (48)636151 (52)0876543 (15)0876543 (16)4128418 (2)AAAAAA (10)asdfg (6)asdfg (15)asdfg (46)Screenshot_62

Great event pictures I saved:

098 (5)098 (55)777 (54)911 (17)911 (16)911 (18)911 (13)77777 (25)111111 (2)636151 (37)fastaf (22)oiiii (21)oiiii (22)qwer (7)Screenshot_21Screenshot_27Screenshot_42Screenshot_51Screenshot_53Screenshot_56

15 Responses

  1. I love you too ❤ Bye and good luck

  2. that moment when ur gf dumps you 3 times a day because u wanted to lead acp more then spend time w/ her

    Lol jk

    Trader, you did a really good job leading acp both times you led, a little rough spot the first time but I respect you and consider you one of the better leaders in these times of cp armies.

  3. Despite everything we had quite a lot of fun times together. I wish you luck in whatever you pursue next.

  4. I’m in the pictures!!!!

    Trader, you’ve been a good leader, I’m a bit disappointed to see you go.

    Get rid of the girlfriend, you can do sooooooo much better.

    ❤ Shab

  5. i hated you at first but then i’d like to think we became chill, stay real, papa bless

  6. Despite the disagreements we’ve had, I hope you have fun on retirement island.

  7. Trader, thank you for leading. Although your first term might have riddled with jackassary, your second more then made up for it. You really helped us grow and stabilize and I can’t thank you enough. My only hope is that Edwin and Mondo can take what you helped make so great and improve apon it. Farewell Trader, forever.
    -Chuck (Fake Chainpro) Falay

  8. Trader, I know you’re often sad, and you’re commonly hard on yourself but you were a fantastic leader, certainly one of ACP’s most dedicated leaders for staying on as long as you did considering the circumstances. You’ll be just fine in your future endeavors and I wish you the best of luck in life. Take care friend.

  9. tbh ive never seen a leader as persistent as you despite having a majority of the owners having a desire to remove you from the leadership.
    like, that’s some pretty intense perseverance.
    although you dont have to, i surely hope that we can someday go back to the old times where I used to call you tissue.
    take care.

  10. Bye Trader! Good luck in the future. It’s great that this army meant so much for you and though you didn’t win everyone’s favor with your ways, you kept going and you did arrrrright.

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