Hello ACP!

Hey everyone, I am your new Ausia third in command, Clubxlcboys, I’ve been in this army for about an year and made many friends. I am looking forward to make the Ausia division stronger and I hope that all my fellow troops are comfortable with my actions and decisions. Thats all, thanks alot for your time.




13 Responses

  1. Im excited to see how well our AUSIA will do with you a part of our team. I know you’ll do amazing and one day bring our AUSIA division into a golden age.Welcome aboard!

  2. Glad to see you become a 3iC Club!
    Can’t wait to see what you’ll bring in to this army as an ACP owner!

  3. Great to have you back and congratulations on 3ic!

  4. Welcome back and congratulations on 3ic

  5. Welcome! A new AUSIA owner is always a welcomed addition.

  6. Congratulations, Club! I look forward to seeing great things from you! ;D

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