The Results From the First Event of the New Leadership

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Greetings, ACP. Today, we logged on to Ice Berg for Mondo and I’s first event as Leaders ; I’ve to say that it was extremely fun although I think we’ll leave the D formations for a while. To add to this we also had a fight against some RPF recruiting bots which consisted of throwing snowballs at us. We maxed 19-20 in this event. Carry on reading for pictures provided by myself and Mondo. 

30th may 2016 uk 9

30th may 2016 uk 8

30th may 2016 uk 7

30th may 2016 uk 6

30th may 2016 uk 5

30th may 2016 uk 4

30th may 2016 uk 3

30th may 2016 uk 10

30th may 2016 uk 2Comment if you attended and make sure to view the results of today’s AUSIA here and comment if you attended that too!


Super Edwin, ACP Leader



5 Responses

  1. Attended.

  2. I came, grats on leader, edwardo

  3. Came!… Or should I say camezies?..

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