[UK Results]Training on Breeze

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Hey guys, today we logged onto Breeze to train for our weekend battle against NW, it went very well, we maxed 23-24 and averaged about 20. We started off slowly but picked up in size, and our tactics weren’t as good as we’d hoped but overall, we’re proud of ACP, keep it up guys! Remember to comment if you attended.

“Ice” Cream? Don’t freeze up Trader and Bam!

Clover pride, and a possible glimpse of Golden Troops next generation?

Some nice igloos.

Thanks for reading, Djkb1/Bjkb1- ACP UK 2ic

5 Responses

  1. I attended.

  2. I am sorry I am not coming to much events, it’s because there has been lots of going with my family and I promise you I will come to events more! I might be able to make tomorrow or Sunday. I am not sure.

    From Rackles3

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