The beginning of a new series: Would you rather?

Hey guys, Club here. These days literally all of us are tensed and focused on making the Army better and stronger. So I decided to bring out another way of entertainment. Basically in this series I will post questions which give you two choices and you have to select one of them  and also state the reason why you selected it. This series will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. So here is the question:

Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds?

All the superhero movie fans, give it your best! Also don’t forget to comment the reason why you made the choice.



14 Responses

  1. read minds because i would essentially know anything i want to know

  2. Yo, Rarity180 here- ACP Major. So uh, lemme get this straight. Being INVISIBLE means no one can see you, but you can still be hit. Reading minds mean you can be seen, but you won’t get hit. It’s a win-win situation here really, but Reading Minds FTW!

  3. invincible because of what edwin said. what if you’re on life support and all of the doctors think you wont make it 😦

  4. Although reading minds would be awesome, it would ruin the mysteries of life. I’d rather then invisible for the sake of scaring/spying on people.

  5. be invisible cuz then i can steal every game 😀

  6. read minds! gimme dat truth

  7. I’d love to be able to read minds since I can know what people around me are thinking about me and I can report crimes-to-happen to the Police.

  8. Invisible, it’d help me with perving around

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