UK Three Way Battle

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Greetings, ACP. Today, UK logged onto Breeze for an unscheduled three way battle against Nachos and Golds which was quite fun. We maxed fifteen with decent tactics which you can see below. Make sure to attend tomorrow’s UK practice battle against AR – you can find the times here.

8th june uk 2016 10

8th june uk 2016 9

8th june uk 2016 8

8th june uk 2016 7

8th june uk 2016 6

8th june uk 2016 5

8th june uk 2016 4

8th june uk 2016 2

Comment if you attended this UK event,


Super Edwin

10 Responses

  1. Attended.

  2. i attendd

  3. i attended

  4. Great event. T’was a fun one.

  5. Attended.

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