Would you rather #5

Hello everybody, time for another Would you rather question. So without wasting your time here is the question:

Would you rather have a Xbox or a Playstation?

Heres the question and I hope I didn’t start a console war. Everyone place your bets and mention the reason for your choice in the comments!



9 Responses

  1. PC, Wii U, 3ds XBOX one and PS4 are all good to me

  2. i would rather have a playstation cuz YOLO

  3. Wii U, because it is an actual game console not a crap PC.

  4. Neither to be honest

  5. I love playstation as I have it and I is nice!! Amazing!

  6. That’s a hard one, but honestly the xbox controller feels less strenuous for my hand than the playstation one. For now I’ve decided to side with xbox–but that might change.

  7. None. P.C.

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