ACP’s 10th Anniversary: Ten Years of Leaders #1: Oagalthorp

Edit: The information on here may not be perfect but I’ve tried to get it as accurate as possible so I apologies in advance for any mistake that may be found.

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Greetings, ACP. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of ACP, Mondo and I have decided to do weekly posts on the leaders of ACP from Oagalthorp to Boomer to us ourselves ; we’ll both be taking it in turns each week to do a certain leader. Today, we start with Oagalthorp, the creator and 1st leader of ACP, who led from the 29th of September 2006, to 1st April 2008.

“This is the Army of Club Penguin. It’s not just an army in Club Penguin” – Oagalthorp

A “Little” about Oagal’s time as Leader

Oagalthorp created the Army Of Club Penguin on the 29th September 2006 on the Club Penguin Miniclip forms after being part of the Color Wars and creating Clans of his own to protect his birth server of White Out.  His aims were to create an army with one leader, one set of ranks, a set uniform, a website for operations and single server to meet up on. Making ACP the first established army in CPA.

Soon after, creating ACP, WWII began with Explorer7777 invading much of Club Penguin with Romans and threatening ACP to surrender or have war declared on them. Oagal accepted Roman’s declaration of war and decided that the first battle should be at Koolaidman7’s igloo who was Oagal’s number two at the time. On Friday the 13th the first battle of WWII had begun as Romans and ACP met in the Koolaidman7’s igloo.

“He threatened the ACP, saying he’s going to ‘grind us into dust’ if we did not surrender. But the Army was not created to give up” Extract from the ACP Saga written by Oagal which you can find here.

Above is a YouTube video of the Igloo Battle.

ACP managed to push Romans back into a defeat in the Igloo Battle which was a major battle of WWII which destroyed the morale of the Romans and most of their soldiers joined ACP after this battle. WWII still carried on after this battle with ACP creating an alliance with Nachos and Vikings to defeat Romans in the Dojos on CP.

The ACP was moved from Miniclip forums to WordPress on the 19th February 2007 after chaos broke out on the forums causing ACP’s to be deleted. The chaos on the forums was caused by ACP’s forum getting a lot of comments which the moderators accused of being spam. At the same time, Nrop created an army called “CPUNSC” which mostly recruited ACP soldiers. ACP defeated CPUNSC in Oagal’s igloo on Crunch but now had to face the new threat of UMA.

The threat of UMA became apparent when after battling them multiple times,unlike other clans, they came back stronger. Oagal decided to search up “UMA” and came across an army led by Pink Mafias where he discovered that UMA was not only attacking ACP but was also using it to hack into several parts of the game such as coins and rare clothes. When Oagal asked Pink Mafias to stop posting hacks he was replied with a comment saying “Bring it on” by Michael427. This was the start of WWIII.

“As usual, I did not hesitate to take action. Immediately, I commented on Pink’s site, stating that he must stop advertising hacks, and stop attacking Mammoth, otherwise the ACP would declare war. One of his top soldiers, Michael427, responded with the words ‘Bring it on.’ ” Extract from the ACP Saga written by Oagal which you can find here.

UMA quickly allied with Nachos and CPUNSC and UMA outnumbered ACP in battles on Mammoth however Oagal managed to strike back with tactics that had been used in the war against Romans. The aim of these tactics were to disorganise UMA making them unable to fight back against ACP.

“I decided that we should attack the UMA with “hit-and-run” tactics. We would march throughout many rooms, gaining new recruits. When we saw the UMA, we’d attack for a little bit, and when they gained the upper-hand we’d fall back to another room and continue marching. We would repeat this until we were large enough to defeat them, at which time we’d march up to them, face-to-face, and fight in that room until we had won. The UMA may have outnumbered us, but we had a stronger chain of command, and a more centralized leadership. This enabled us to move faster, and route them out. To this day, the ACP is still the “fastest” army in CP.” – Extract from the ACP Saga written by Oagalthorp which you can find here.

Due to this tactic, ACP won around three  battles out of five in the next few months after war had been declared. They were able to hold UMA off using this tactic and a majority of the time it payed off in their favour. However, things were to not last the same for long as on 14th April 2007 UMA decided to invade one of ACP’s meetings and by the time Oagal could get into the Dojo UMA were outnumbering ACP and Oagal could not give orders to his troops as UMA soldiers kept chanting “UMA UMA UMA”. Oagalthorp invited Pink Mafia to his Igloo where he surrendered and gave up Mammoth for the first time in ACP history. Instead of Mammoth, Oagal had decided that ACP should, move to Breeze – at the time a much smaller server.


“I decided to give up Mammoth. For the first time in the history of the ACP, our capitol — our home sever — our birth place — had been given up. The UMA was everywhere in Mammoth, all the time. So I solemnly moved the Army to one of our smaller, satellite server: Breeze. There, like the Allies during WWII in Britain, I would plan the ACP’s redemption.”  – Extract from the ACP Saga written by Oagalthorp which you can find here.

ACP managed to rebuild on Breeze by using the method of marching around Breeze to gather new recruits and by changing ACP’s helmet into the Roman helmet ; a decision that some people did not like as Romans had been ACP’s enemy not long ago. Around the same time some ACP soldiers had emailed Club Penguin about how UMA had been hacking into Club Penguin , to gain rare clothes and coins, and Pink Mafias’ penguin was banned forever resulting in him having to create another penguin ; the chaos of this lowered UMA’s morale but not low enough to prevent another attack against ACP.

UMA had decided to attack ACP , once more at a meeting, on Breeze to destroy the threat ACP was to Mammoth. On 26th May 2007,  when UMA tried to ambush ACP, on Breeze, Oagal was ready as he gathered troops into Cove which he had picked for the base as it gave them a more strategic position than Dojo. In preparation for this attack, Oagal had looked for allies to help them against UMA and had come across RPF , who had experience battling UMA, and CPAF. UMA had charged through the boiler room and then charged through Cove where at first they out numbered however Oagal sent a charge of ACP soldiers chanting “ACP ACP ACP ACP” to disorientate them which worked to a point.

After this, CPAF and ACP went to the Boiler room to get any UMA soldiers there to retreat back to the Cove. RPF were busy fighting UMA by using high ground allowing ACP to take control of the lower ground where they blocked UMA off and once RPF and CPAF gained enough size to match UMA’s, ACP took to the Boiler room to fight any UMA there ; this also meant that UMA was separated into two rooms and ACP along with the help of RPF and CPAF were able to defeat UMA.

” The ACP had finally managed to stand up to the UMA, and pull through a victory. We had won the Battle of Breeze, and the tides of the war had changed their course . . . “ – Extract from the ACP Saga written by Oagalthorp which you can find here.

What did Oagalthorp achieved as his time as Leader?

  • Firstly, and the most obvious one of them all, Oagalthorp created the Army of Club Penguin which has lead to this community which we’ve today.
  •  He, along with Commando, created the idea of nations and the idea that an Army should have their own land to defend.
  • Oagalthorp, at the moment, holds the record for the longest reigning leader ACP has ever had.
  • Achieved CPAC legend.
  • Created modern day tactics and strategies

The Retirement of Oagalthorp

Oagalthorp last battle was on the 22nd March 2008 on Breeze against Nachos where with determination to make Oagal’s last battle a good one they crushed Nachos.  Oagalthorp left the role of leader in the hands of his second command called Fort57.

“If you want the tallest building in the city, you have two options. You can either build the tallest building, or tear down all those that are taller than yours.” – Oagalthorp


Super Edwin


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  1. This took me so many hours. 😦 But it’s amazing to see how one person’s idea can turn into a community like this which is reaching it’s tenth year.

  2. Oagalthorp is the reason why we’re all here. Throughout the years club penguin armies has been a great community through the good and the bad times. Thanks Oagal.

  3. UHHH

  4. Thank you so much for doing this! I LOVE LEARNING about army history (and real history) and now I get to read about ALL if the leaders even the ones like No No Jr. and other obscure leaders.

  5. I love this series already. If you’d like any help just let me know.

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