Would you rather #8

Hello people, I’m back with another question today. Brace yourselves because you’re going to love this one. So here we go:

Would you rather be itchy for the rest of your life or sticky for the rest of your life?

Make your choice and mention the reason for it in the comments. Thanks for your time.



10 Responses

  1. Dear club, both are EWW… but i will prefer itchy more cuz right now i am icthy!!

  2. i wud rather be sticky for the rest ofmy life cuz being itchy is erm kinda i dont like cuz then my hands r always busy xD

  3. Itch because I wouldn’t want to touch anyone or anything if I was sticky.

  4. Itchy because you could just learn to tolerate it and ignore it.

  5. sticky!!!! I would hate to get rashes everywhere 😛

  6. sticky cos if im itchy my whole body will be red, hot, irritated and have scratch marks!!

  7. Itchy because when people touch you they would become sticky as well and then you’d just end up with no friends and be homeless 😦

  8. sticky becuz i’ll be able stick/climb like spiderman lol 😀

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