Ausia Events Of The Week

Comment if you can come to any of these events!

Today’s Events:

❗ U-Lead ❗

When: 28th June 2016

Server: Breeze


5:00 PM IST

9:30 PM AEST


7:30 AM EST


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Ausia March On Breeze

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Events for the Week

Retirement of Lord Panda

Hello, ACP!

Today ACP’s ausia had a march on Breeze where we maxed 16 with decent tactics. Carry on reading below for pictures provided by Dan and Super Edwin. Make sure if you’re AUSIA to attend AUSIA events this week ; the AUSIA event schedule should be out later!

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Would you rather #9

Hello everyone, this is Club and today I got another question with me. Here come dat question (fail try to be meme-istic):

Would you rather have hiccups for the rest of you life or always feel like you have to sneeze but not be able to?    

Make your choice and mention the reason for it in the comments. See ya until next time.





Events of the Week 27th June – 3rd July

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Remember to comment on the results posts to show you attended!

Make sure to comment on this post which events you can attend!

*** TBA means To Be Announced (on Chat)

events for the week

Today’s Events


❗ [UK] Practice Battle vs  __ ❗

When: 30th June 2016

Server: TBA

Time: TBA


❗ [US] Server Takeover Simulation on Breeze ❗

When: 29th June 2016

Server: Breeze


9 pm EST

8 pm CST

7 pm MST

6 pm PST


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