June Promotions 2016

Greetings, ACP.

During this , rather interesting, month we’ve come 3rd on CPAC, gone a month under this new leadership and have witnessed more owner changes – overall we’ve seen the dedication and loyalty of some of the troops over this past month and they have as a result received promotion. Carry on reading to see if you’ve been promoted!

Bold: Promoted

Italicized: Demoted

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AUSIA Events For the Week

Events for the Week

Hey ACP, today, the UK division battled the Golds on their capital, Flippers, and achieved victory, maxing 16 in the process and averaging 15. This was a very fun battle, thanks to the fight and will power of the Golds but overall, we could improve our sizes as always. Thanks to Edwin for the pics. Continue reading

AUSIA Recruiting Session on Blizzard

Important Posts:

Events For the Week

Ausia Events for the Week

Greetings, ACP.  Today, AUSIA logged on to Blizzard for a recruiting session where we maxed thirteen with rogues. After a bit of practice our tactics gradually improved. Carry on reading for pictures of the event. 

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