[US]Super Awesome Mining Expedition

Salutations everyone!


Today ACP logged on to the server Slushy and decided to have a mining expedition. At first, it was a bit slow in size; I noticed some people having minor CP issues. As soon as that concluded, our size picked up and we had a truly memorable event. All ranks on chat were taking part in leading tactics, such as Skipper, Wiggles, and others. It humbles me to see some real team work and effort after this weak’s past events not reaching their potential. This week was turned around because of the effort people put in today, and it shows how powerful ACP can really be–in any division. We maxed 22, averaged 20-21, and had loads of fun with new recruits that were attracted by our mounting size and expressiveness. Read on for the sweet pictures!

22 can be seen here. Note donaldduck, pauwow, and messymeg1 are counted(if wondering).

This is really what ACP is about. Having fun. Making new friends. Hanging out with an awesome community such as our own. And today we refreshed that important concept. Great job everyone, and enjoy the temp mod Wiggles, and enjoy the temp owner Skipper!


2 Responses

  1. Attended, good job today guys.

  2. I came! Great job guys!!!

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