Getting to Know Troops Revival

Hello ACP, it is your favorite commander, Crazy tow. Today I will be bringing back to “Getting to Know Troops”, and in this segment I will be interviewing a random ACP member. I hope you guys enjoy!  This week’s interviewee is *drumroll*


Green is Crazy Blue is Elsa

The interview is below (Q&A)

Why do you like ACP?  Because it has nice blokes and of course lasses and the make me feel better about myself and some are hilarious as hell, and the drama is sometimes fun, and I like to be a noob here.

Whats your favorite movie? Hmm, that’s a great question and it’s also a hard one. Hmmm. Well, I’ve always loved Lord of the Rings.

Cool, do you like scary movies?  YESH!!!! Very much so!!!!

What’s your favorite scary movie?  The Woman in Black I think… That’s the latest thing I have watched that is actually scary.

Next question. Let’s say that you were offered 20 million dollars (USD), BUT you had to give up internet for 30 years, would you accept it? No way hosay!

Do you have a secret pleasure?  *********************

Why are Holidays your secret pleasure? Because it makes me feel free of the stresses of London. In London, everybody takes the beauty of the world for granted!

Time for the food questions now, Pizza or Ice Cream? Oh gosh that’s a hard one… Hmmm. Pizza.

Mustard or ketchup? Ketchup.

Apples or tomatos? Apples all the way!

Casu marzu or bananas? Bananas 100%

Cool, anything else you wanna add? Umm sure uhhh..  Just be respectful to others and try not to lose your head in this weird crazy stupid world!

Well… That’s nice to know! Thank you for your time! Great, thanks for interviewing me.


Well there it is ACP, your inside scoop with Elsa! Leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed, and comment who should be interviewed next. Peace!




Events For the Week 11th July – 16th July

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Make sure to comment on this post which events you can attend!

*** TBA means To Be Announced (on Chat)

events for the week

Today’s Events

US Event To Be Added



❗ UK Invasion of Belly Slide:!:

When: 15th July

Where: Belly Slide


8:30 pm GMT

3:30 pm EST

2:30 pm CST

1:30 pm MST

12:30 pm PST



US Event To Be Added



❗ UK Invasion of Bubblegum:!:

When: 16th July

Where: Bubblegum


8:30 pm GMT

3:30 pm EST

2:30 pm CST

1:30 pm MST

1230 pm PST


US Event To Be Added





Unscheduled UK Tactic Session

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Rookie Meet Up Times

Summer Events


Greetings, ACP. Today, we logged on Breeze for an unscheduled tactic session where we practiced some advanced tactics – thanks to Crazy. Some of them were successful others not so much. After this unscheduled event ended, we had a game of hide and seek. We maxed eleven in this event. Carry on reading for pictures.

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Question of the Day 27

Greetings, folks. A few months ago, I asked you tell me your best pickup lines. Here are my favorite answers, you absolute sweet-hearts.

I’m already seduced enough. The next question is:

Who would you like to spend prison time with?

Oh dear.

Updated: Special Events of the Summer


This is an updated status report of the summer events schedule for ACP. Please continue reading for the edited event specifications.

*Note: if there are any major changes applied to this schedule, an updated version will be posted.*

Summer GFX ACP
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