Updated: Special Events of the Summer


This is an updated status report of the summer events schedule for ACP. Please continue reading for the edited event specifications.

*Note: if there are any major changes applied to this schedule, an updated version will be posted.*

Summer GFX ACP

Please note: there are no specified dates for any of these events, considering school is not entirely adjourned. ALSO, the events are not listed in any order.


  • Humongous Army of Club Penguin Reunion[Will be in SEPTEMBER for ACP’s 10th Anniv.]
  • Release of the Official Army of Club Penguin Entertainment Page[Delayed]
  • Revival of the ACP Series Getting to Know Troops[Delayed]


  • Pokemon Contest – Hosted by Fluffyboy3
  • Agar.io / Slither.io / etc. / game contest(s)
  • Club Penguin mini-game contest(s)
  • Pool party on Club Penguin w/ ???
  • Flag Contest(s)[specifications will be stated]-Added
  • On chat “Question of the Day” – Hosted by Djkb1


  • Pool party on Club Penguin w/ ???
  • Pokemon Contest – Hosted by Fluffyboy3
  • Flag Contest(s)[specifications will be stated]
  • Igloo Contest(s) – Hosted by Super Edwin

Throughout the Summer

  • Movie Nights
  • Club Penguin related contests
  • Xat Prizes[applies to contests+some events]
  • Membership giveaways[applies to some contests + some events]
  • Lots of fun and interactive posts
  • Temporary Moderators and Owners[Reward for deserving troops + applies to some events]

⌈♣⌋    ⌈♣⌋    ⌈♣⌋

Again, if you have any suggestions that YOU think should be considered for integration, comment on this post giving a short explanation of your idea.

⌈♣⌋    ⌈♣⌋    ⌈♣⌋


~Army of Club Penguin Commander in Chief~

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  1. Awesome!!! 😀

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