@ClubPenguin – Polo Field + Live Interview[VIDEO]

Polo Field also known as Chris Gliddon was a former Club Penguin Moderator who was in charge of the Community and Social Media areas of Club Penguin, answering fan comments, and working on blog posts and videos. He was hired as a community support rep in 2006 by Gizmo, and was later then hired as a member of the development team by Rsnail in July 2007.

He made Club Penguin’s YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud accounts starting in 2011 with members of his team, such as Businesmoose,Tour Guide, Megg, and Ninja. He was also seen in many of the Club Penguin videos testing out parties along with other moderators. Here is a video I did, of doing a live interview with Polo Field, shortly after he retired. 


Polo will be known as a great penguin in the community, and we will all miss his Field Friday.

Check back for more Club Penguin updates and parties scheduled by me!

Waddle on!


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