Let’s have fun and recruit.

Did you know you could have fun and recruit at the same time? Well there is a way. I’ll tell you how. I remember in 2008 when there would be ACP soldiers walking in a group on some server and were just having fun. So why not start that again, I mean we are a CP army afterwards, meaning that we shouldn’t just log on for events.

My idea

When ever your on chat, just ask if anybody wants to log onto CP and walk around the server Chanting ACP, and role playing a little. That way, we can show potential recruits that we are real people and that we as an army are here to have fun and aren’t just bots.  Here is one role play idea, act like the world is ending and say that ACP is here to protect. Something silly like that, cause we are recruiting off a child’s game. We gotta involve the community, we can’t recruit by standing there and chanting lines, it’s stupid and doesn’t help armies. Did you know about 80% of penguins on cp hates the army cause of bots and auto typing? Since nobody likes auto typing any more we now have to show that we are active around CP and that we are a army protecting CP. You guys could just go room to room and say “room secured moving out”, that will attract attention and hopefully get some questions going like, “what are you doing”.


Be interactive on CP !

This has been you Lord Almighty, and I’m signing off! Peace

2 Responses

  1. Can’t say “ACP” or “Army of CP” on CP.

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