Funny Memes 7/15/2016

Hey guys!

I am making another post… Yeah that’s right… ANOTHER ONE!!!! Lol, anyways this post is going be a list of a few funny memes, and I really hope Shab and Boomer are checking the site and they see this post, because i’m sure they gonna see some memes they’re really gonna like :mrgreen:

For Shab, since we both like to watch House 😀

How about ANOTHER ONE??

Now For Boomer

This is what Boomer was like, when he was young and he still is like this…

Other memes

*cough* *cough Super Edwin with Panda *cough*

I hope you enjoy going through these memes, and comment if you think i should post another one at some point.


Signing off

3 Responses

  1. Need to add more dank to your memes 😎

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