Getting to Know Your Troops Revival #2

Yo yo yo it is your Lord coming down again to grace you with another Getting to Know Your Troops. So here today I have a special guest. ACP Co-Leader Super Edwin!

The Color Key for this weeks GKYT Revival is:

Crazy tow- Blue        Edwin- Green


What’s your favorite movie?  Men of Honour, which is about this lad who joins the U.S Navy and aspires to be the US’s Navy first diver despite struggling racism in his training and an officer who’s determined to make sure he fails diving school. So yea, pretty good film.

Do you want me to keep all the spelling mistakes or fix them, because I don’t know what the US Nacy is? LOL fix them please, it’s meant to say US navy!

What’s your favorite T.V show?  I don’t really watch T.V

What was your favorite childhood T.V show? Tom and Jerry, I was an old fashioned kid.

I heard as a child you had a Spongebob fetish and you even went as far as to making youtube videos about it, is that true? No… (wary)…. I have no idea where on earth you got this from but man that isn’t true. (Wary)


Do you have a favorite childhood movie? I wasn’t really a fan of movies when I was younger as I was too active to sit down for the duration of a movie but I always used to love, and I still do, the film called the Sound of Music.

Is it true you have a big house? What are these questions?

Please sir, stay on topic

Is it true you have a big house? Depends on how big you think big is for a house, and that is my answer.

I heard you live in a closet, do you plan on coming out of it any time soon?  I’ve recently come out to some people but I still hide away from others.

What sports do you like to play? Football, Ice Hockey, Badminton, and sometimes basketball.

Are you good at any of them? No, I suck at all of them.

Is sports the only thing you suck at? No…

Do you have any secret pleasures? I actually like reading quotes from famous people as well as reading books about history. Basically, history is my secret pleasure.

How did you first join ACP? It was back in 2011 and I was designing a battle field in my igloo so I googled “Army in Club penguin igloo ideas” or something like that and instead of finding battle field igloo ideas I found ACP.

Why not google Club Penguin Army Igloo ideas? Why not google it now? *link* well that’s what you get. Link shows the words that were searched, Club penguin army ideas”

You forgot igloo you fool. Oh…. *resends link* Well, that’s what you get.

What’s your favorite food? Sushi

Pizza or Ice-cream? I’m not a big fan of either but I’d have to choose Pizza.

Do you have a girl friend? Yes.

The same one from two years ago? Yes….

Does she know you play club penguin? Oh God I hope not!

How are you so good at keeping a secret which has a major part in your life for over 2 years? I just have so many locks on EVERYTHING! Also people don’t go on my laptop, so that’s a bonus.

Anything else you would like to say? Just stick to your values whilst you’re in CPA!

Well, there you have it ACP, the inside scoop on ACP Co-leader Edwin! Give this post a like if you enjoyed and leave a comment for who else you think be interviewed. This is your Lord Almighty signing out!

4 Responses

  1. Can I go next?! That was great.

  2. lol nice post!!!I love to watch the Man of Honor as well 😀 @holly8857


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