Rookie Event Results||Project in Process @ClubPenguin

Hey guys!

As most of you know by now, the Rookie events we’ve been having recently is part of the new project I am working on for the Army of Club Penguin. The project called “Make ACP Great Again” (ACP becoming more part of the club penguin community) is a new change for ACP, we will being doing things such as attending Club Penguin Mascot/moderator meet ups, having the ACP turned into half Club Penguin blog (posting the latest club penguin updates/news) and etc.

If you wanna read more about this project, that is now in process.

Go to:

Today we logged on the server Sherbet, for another Rookie event, and at the end. We finally got to meet Rookie! The event went really, really well. We maxed 36+ in rogues (people who were waiting for Rookie) and i’m pretty sure, we got the name of ACP out there. Right after the event, we been seeing a lot more nulls coming on chat, like we did last time we had the event. So this part of the project is definitely working.

During the event, I’ve recorded the while thing. So here’s the video:

Link to Video:

Also here is a pictures taken by the ACP leader King Mondo7 and ACP moderator Chuck Faley.

We did a really great job, everyone had really fun, and a lot of people did the tactics perfectly, when we called it. Great job guys, and hopefully the project will have a huge, great effect on the Army of Club Penguin!

If we all work together, and continue with this project. Together we will rise back to the top once again! :mrgreen:

Together lets Make ACP Great Again!!! Leave a comment if you came!


Until Now,


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  1. Mondo that traitor I sent him a picture!

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