The Vampire Returned – Is he cured??

Former ACP leader Flipper7706 has came visit us on the ACP chat, and chatted with us for a while and asked how the army he onced led was doing. Rumors in the past, with full information provided by Kenneth1000, who was like a brother to Flipper and together they led the Mighty Army of Club Penguin known as “Flen” Kenneth later then warned all soldiers of the Army of Club Penguin, that Flipper was perseus by a vampire and was trapped in the demonic curse(became a vampire)

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No New puffles or CJ Shadow ??? [MUST SEE]

Thanks to Nico for providing the pictures. Megg has recently said there will be “No new puffles this year” and also said there will be “no Card-Jitsu Shadow” Check it out.

No New Puffles

No Card Jitsu Shadow

So what do you think about Club Penguin not bring any new puffles to the island AND not bring Card-Jitsu Shadow?? Please leave a comment below this post, on any questions or opinion you have! Thanks for reading!

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Megg Reportedly Pushing for a Music Jam in November @clubpenguin

Ever since people heard there was going to be another Frozen Party on Club Penguin, people kept asking to bring back the Music Jam in 2016. Megg has responded, saying she will try to push it into November. Check it out.

So what do you think? Will the Music Jam come back to the Club Penguin island? Leave a comment below, telling what you think about it, and make sure to keep checking in for more Club Penguin updates! Thank you to Bloxorz for providing the picture!

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Project: Make ACP Great Again – Last 2 Rookie Events[Results]

As most of you know, Project: Make ACP Great Again – is in full process now. And as mentioned in the project post, ACP will be attending Club Penguin mascots/moderator meet ups. And we’ve have been attending a Rookie mascot meet up twice, and so here are the results(video) for both of them.

Event 1:

Event 2:

Also check out the CPAC interview, about ACP current project, to get back onto the rise!

And to view the post of the project, and if you wanna learn more how we’re planning to make ACP great again, here is the link!

Mammoth Party Soon!!! @clubpenguin @acparmy

Comment if you can come!!!

CPBlog:Should Ninja Parties Return to @clubpenguin ??

The Club Penguin Ninja Parties were really popular back in the day of Club Penguin. It started sometime in the year 2011, when Club Penguin released their first ninja party. During the party, penguins will receive a special visit from the Club Penguin’s most well known penguin in the game. Sensei.

During the party, people will enjoy dressing up as ninjas, and playing Card-Jitsu Fire, water or snow. Or just regular Card-Jitsu, where in all four games, players can battle one and another in a friendly, but intense card battle. Depends on the amount of wins, the player gets, they can move up a level and receive a new ninja belt. Then once they earned the final belt, the black belt, they will battle Sensei, in order to become a full ninja of Club Penguin.

The last Ninja Party. Club Penguin has released onto the game was back in year 2013. And many people are asking CP, when are they going to bring it back. Rumors has it that they might release the party once again, during Project Super Secret (PSS) a project, Club Penguin has recently been working on, the better Club Penguin.

I hope you enjoy reading this post, and make sure to leave a comment weather you think Club Penguin should bring back the Ninja Parties. Thanks for reading!

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Events for the Week[July 18th—23rd]

Important Posts to Read:


As these past few weeks have passed, we’ve done some great things. Recently maxing 35 at a rookie recruiting event last week and again on Sunday achieving that once again. We also have taken many servers as our own, according to the CPA World Map. There’s always things to improve on, so let’s continue achieving more great things this week!

As a reminder, the fabled CPAC Legends Cup Round 1 vs. Smart Penguins takes place on Sunday, the 24th of July. Click >HERE< for the full post and times.

Remember to comment on the results posts to show you attended!

Make sure to comment on this post which events you can attend!

*** TBA means To Be Announced (on Chat)

events for the week

Today’s Events


*Temp. mod/owner + promotion(for those under the rank of highest member) if 20 maxed*

❗ [UK] Mining Expedition ❗

When: 20th July

Where: TBA


8pm GMT

3pm EST

2pm CST

1pm MST

12pm PST


❗ [US] Mining Expedition ❗

When: 20th July

Where: TBA


7pm EST

6pm CST

5pm MST

4pm PST

12am GMT


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