Events for the Week[July 18th—23rd]

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As these past few weeks have passed, we’ve done some great things. Recently maxing 35 at a rookie recruiting event last week and again on Sunday achieving that once again. We also have taken many servers as our own, according to the CPA World Map. There’s always things to improve on, so let’s continue achieving more great things this week!

As a reminder, the fabled CPAC Legends Cup Round 1 vs. Smart Penguins takes place on Sunday, the 24th of July. Click >HERE< for the full post and times.

Remember to comment on the results posts to show you attended!

Make sure to comment on this post which events you can attend!

*** TBA means To Be Announced (on Chat)

events for the week

Today’s Events


*Temp. mod/owner + promotion(for those under the rank of highest member) if 20 maxed*

❗ [UK] Mining Expedition ❗

When: 20th July

Where: TBA


8pm GMT

3pm EST

2pm CST

1pm MST

12pm PST


❗ [US] Mining Expedition ❗

When: 20th July

Where: TBA


7pm EST

6pm CST

5pm MST

4pm PST

12am GMT



❗ [UK] To be added ❗




❗ [US] To be added ❗




4 Responses

  1. sorry i havent been online ihad a lot to do

    • That’s understandable, but make sure you tell an owner/leader so you aren’t demoted because of alleged slacking. Your rank can be frozen for a duration if need be.

  2. Only 2? Well I should be able to make all of these.

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