The Vampire Returned – Is he cured??

Former ACP leader Flipper7706 has came visit us on the ACP chat, and chatted with us for a while and asked how the army he onced led was doing. Rumors in the past, with full information provided by Kenneth1000, who was like a brother to Flipper and together they led the Mighty Army of Club Penguin known as “Flen” Kenneth later then warned all soldiers of the Army of Club Penguin, that Flipper was perseus by a vampire and was trapped in the demonic curse(became a vampire)

But once talking to the once known vampire, Flipper than told me he was cured from the curse, and was now fully free.


And I know there is full proof just by looking at him that he is the real Flipper7706, but I’ve tooken some other pictures, proving hes the same/real former leader of ACP. As most of you know, flipper changed his xat name to “Retired” after he stepped down from his leadership.

So what do you think? Has the well great, known ACP leader who served in the past free from the vampire’s curse? Or is he still a vampire, denying the fact that he is still a demonic monster?

Leave a comment of what your opinion is! 😀


Until now,


Army of Club Penguin [ACP]: let us know what you're thinking!

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