Skipper233: Message to EVERYONE[IMPORTANT]

[Please Do not delete]

Edit: Message to all leaders/owners/soldiers – I need to just take a break a little bit today, i’m not sure when i’m gonna be back on. But i just got a lot of stuff on my mind, that i need to figure out. I hope y’all understand 😦 I’ll try to get back into being active in ACP as soon as I can. 

A lot of y’all lately been noticing i’ve been getting mad easily, or watever. I haven’t really told many of y’all this, but I think i’m suicidal again.

This has been a issue for me, for years now. i’ve been in the hospital like 5-6 times over and over. and I have not been there since last year. Also another thing about me, is that i have a really bad anger issue, so thats why i always get triggered easily from people on chat and stuff.

That’s pretty much the whole reason i’ve came back to CP and CP armies, because all of y’all made me happy, made me feel like there are ACTUALLY people out there that cared about me. Now I don’t want this to alarm you, because i’mma try to get through it again, this been going on for like 6-7 years now, and I’m still living ain’t I?

So i’mma get through it, I just wanna thank y’all for those who been there for me during my time in CP armies, and Club Penguin.I really appreciate it.

I’m still going to try to be as active as I can in the Army of Club Penguin, but I just thought you all have the right to know, everyone on here has the right to know. Because y’all are my friends, and so… yea.

I just wanna thank y’all for being there, and if y’all have any questions, just leave a comment below. Or if you’re on twitter, just tweet to me on DMs me. @ACPArmy2

Bye for now,


7 Responses

  1. Don’t worry man, ACP will always be here for you.

  2. I tried to hide my sadness by making posts, and sounding happy and childish, so y’all wouldn’t think something was up, but now… i guess i just couldn’t hold it in me anymore 😦 i’m really sorry guys 😥 i’m really am

  3. it’s okay, thanks for being a good solider though

  4. It is fine man take your time I know what it is like. You need to relax and just let the ACP happen without you for a bit.

  5. It’s alright I hope you feel better

  6. Don’t worry about it, just work on getting yourself together and everything. It’s good that you communicated(which was probably hard to do) and let everyone know nothing was personal. That’s some true strength in this post and within your character. Get well soon, my friend.

  7. Hey Skipper, if you need help with anything you can always talk to me.

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