Skipper233: Taking a Break from ACP/ClubPenguin[Temp]

As most of you know by now, about the current issue I am going through at the moment. 

I need to just take a little break from the ACP Army of Club Penguin/Club Penguin for a few days, or a week or something. Just hang out with friends, and just clear my head for a little bit. I’m not saying I am retiring or quitting. Just going on leave for a little bit.

So I hope ACP does well, while I am gone. And I hope you all understand. If this project turns out to be delayed (even tho it’s already in process) but like if it is to finish or be more into the process is to be delayed. then it is just what it is, no big deal. The ACP is not going to die or go anywhere anytime soon, and I know that for a FACT.

So until I come back, the project is now on freeze. 

Messaged to Leaders, owners, Mch and other POG and everyone else:

I hope you all understand this reason for me going on leave. But I do not need to cause fear or concern into the army and everyone in it. Everyone needs to focus on the tournament ACP will soon be having, and events and RECRUITING. Not me, don’t even think about me while i’m gone. Focus on ACP. Focus on making this army great again your own way. Be the best you can be for ACP.

One message to other acp soldiers, and to people in Club Penguin armies in general. Don’t be afraid to speak out, take a risk, no matter what rank you are, or what army you in and whatever. Take a risk, that’s the only way you will succeed into this game. Be the best you can, come up with new ideas and strategies, and share them out to the army and etc.  

Once again, i’m sorry this has to happen. But I just need time to be able to figure out my life right now, and i don’t want to spread the stress and burden to other troops. I hope you all do well in the tournament and get more recruits into the army.

Make sure to attend all events, and recruit EVERYDAY. And be as active as you can. I believe in you guys. and good luck!



Until now,


5 Responses

  1. It is sad to watch an owner have to leave under such awful circumstances. We must do our best to honour Skipper by not letting ACP fall and helping his vision happen. Let us troops unite and hold frequent and enthusiastic events to the honour of Skipper.

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