Getting to Know the Troops

Hello ACP,

It is your Lord Almighty coming here tis day to bless all of ACP with my godly posts. As Operation GKT Revival is underway, I have decided to interview 2 previous ACP leaders, for a second time, well it’s a first for me but you know. I wanted to see how they have changed this past year. Let us see if anything has changed! You can check out the previous one here!  —>

Purpleslime4 and Fluffyboy3!

Me- Crazy Tow


Fluffyboy3-Royal Blue

Me- Whats your favourite part about ACP?


Fluffyboy- Well my favorite part about ACP is how dedicated everyone is. We have amazing mods and members that like to help out whenever they can.

Me- Why do you love Fluffy / Why do you love Purp

Purpleslime- He’s so sweet, giving, and he’s a GREAT person to talk to and connect with!!!

Fluffyboy- I love Slime because she’s a very friendly, caring, and a lovely person to be around. I really don’t about looks because when you have a nice person like her around with you you’re set for life.

Me- Ok now some questions about yourself!

Me- Whats your favourite food?

Purpleslime- I have too many… TOO MANY! But, if there’s a food I would want to eat everyday, I would chose sushi, and basically wagamama food.

Fluffyboy- My favorite food would have to be pizza, it’s so customizable and you can get your perfect pizza.

Me- Whats your favourite animal 

Purpleslime- Grimer

Fluffyboy- Koala bears, they make cute noises and they’re cute.

Me- Whats your favourite Animated cartoon show

Purpleslime- Adventure Time

Fluffyboy- That’s a hard one… I have many favorite animated T.V shows but my most favorite is Sheriff Callies Wild West, idk why but it’s pretty funny but not over the top funny and it’s very educational as well.

Me- Whats your favourite movie?

Purpleslime- Spirited Away, but idk.

Fluffyboy-Toy Story

Me- Anything you would like to say?

Purpleslime- Groovy!

Fluffyboy- Thank you for this great interview.

So there you have it ACP! Do you see any differences between last years one and this? Let me know down in the comment section, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Stay awesome!

15 Responses

  1. “They make cute noises and they are cute” -Fluffyboy

  2. Different author?

  3. purple isnt a troop..

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