Legend Cup 1st Round Results vs Smart Penguins (Victory)

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Timings of the Quarter Finals vs WV

Greetings, ACP.  Today, we logged on for the rescheduled Legend’s Cup Battle vs Smart Penguins and we came out of this battle victorious with the score being 4-0 to us. Well done on everyone who put the effort in to make this a successful battle as without your effort we would have without no doubt have lost this. Our tactics were great and we maxed seventeen in this battle. Make sure to comment if you attended and to read on for pictures. Also, make sure to attend the quarter finals of the Legend Cup vs WV. You can find the timings for this by clicking here. 

27th july 2016 1

27th july 2016 7

27th july 2016 5

27th july 2016 4

27th july 2016 8

Comment if you attended,


Super Edwin

4 Responses

  1. I attended. You may want to include what we maxed

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