ACP’s 10th Anniversary: Ten Years of Leaders #3 Dr Nono Jr and Rapidy

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Salutations everyone!

In the last post, we went over the history of Fort57 the post for which you can find here, the 2nd leader of the Army of Club Penguin. Dr. Nono Jr. and Rapidy followed Fort57 and became the 3rd leaders of the ACP shortly after a quarrel was solved between Oagalthorp and Fort over who should be the next leader. Already starting to heat up for you? Well it’s just getting started.

How they got leader?

This one is rather complicated as Oagalthorp ,who was meant to decide to next leader of Army Of Club Penguin after Fort57 retired, took to long according to Fort meaning that he made Dr Nono Jr leader however Oagal , who wanted Rapidy as leader, demoted Dr Nono Jr and made Rapidy leader.

“1. Oagalthorp created the ACP, and led it for over two years.

2. Oagal semi – retired, and left the ACP to Fort.

3. Fort quit, and Oagal was left with the decision of finding a new leader.

4. Oagal decided that the best way of finding a new leader was to host a debate ; from my experience a person’s debating skills can represent their leadership skills.

5. Rapidy won, because A) he has been a more active soldier than just about anyone else (that is what I look for in soldiers), and B) he handled my scenarios extremely well in the debate.

6. Fort got impatient as I writing my post to declare Rapidy the new leader, so Fort made his own, quick, not as well thought out post declaring Dr Nono as the leader.

7. But, seeing as how I created and led this army for so long, it was my responsibility to find the new leader, not Fort’s.

So Rapidy is the leader, and Dr Nono needs to stop these posts before he get’s things out of hand. Dr, I’m not saying that you don’t deserve the leadership position; you do. But so do about ten other people, and Rapidy deserves it the most. ” Oagal’s reasons for demoting Dr Nono Jr and for making Rapidy leader.

However, they managed to sort the situation out and both of them were classed as the 3rd leaders of the Army of Club Penguin.

What did Dr Nono Jr and Rapidy do as leaders?

Dr Nono Jr and Rapidy didn’t lead long with each other as Dr Nono Jr only led from the 10th of August 2008 to the 16th of August 2008 whilst  Rapidy  led for a little longer as he retired on the 28th August 2008. Dr Nono Jr  led the Army of Club Penguin for a second time in 2010 but was couped the same day he got leader by Shaboomboom.

The Army of Club Penguin, the army most of you are in right now, wasn’t created to be a government, it wasn’t created for arguments, and wasn’t even created to have so many ranks. The Army of Club Penguin was created by Oagalthorp to have organized snow ball fights on Club Penguin. Not to be a government or deal with politics. Because everyone has their own opinion about politics. And because of everyone’s opinions of politics we have arguments. Arguments don’t bring us together, they take us apart. We are the Army of Club Penguin. We should be doing everything for the citizens of Club Penguin.”  Quote by Rapidy, the source for which is here.

Around the 20th of August 2008, elections were released for the next ACP Leader despite Rapidy not having retired which he wasn’t happy with as you can see here. You can also see the election post by Tiger413 by clicking here. 

The results for the elections come out, Rapidy was voted the least meaning he was no longer ACP leader, and Kg007 was made the 4th leader of the Army of Club Penguin.

King Mondo and Super Edwin


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