Hey Snow Ninjas !! :)

I see you posted this:

belly slide

It seems you missed a few bits !

It seems the Snow Ninjas have put me on the spot light. I’d consider myself famous now but only like 11 people would see it since that’s all that seems to go on club penguin for you. Anyway, the picture you showed it 100% true. I am not saying I didn’t happen because it did. If you scrolled up you’d see I was explaining the meaning of why ACP wasn’t giving Snow Ninjas Belly Slide – because that would go against the hole point of the server map which is trying to get as many servers as possible –  but also, the conversation continued with me saying “I’m not trying to be mean but…” I then went on to explain the meaning on the server map again then said “good luck”. Sadly I do not have proof since I don’t go around taking pictures, I have more important things to do.

This picture generally had me in stitches because you tried to make ACP look bad but only managed to make me look bad, which isn’t a bad deal in my mind, and also the little message on the bottom reading “Thanks for our capital ❤ we are coming for yours”.

Thank god I rejoined ACP, I don’t want to be missing the pathetic army which is Snow Ninjas right before my eyes. We reclaimed what is rightfully ours, Belly Slide, and we will reclaim Breeze and once again prove to not only Snow Ninja but the hole CPA community that Army of Club Penguin can still win wars. Although, winning against Snow Ninjas isn’t really an accomplishment, I mean, just take a look at them, they are laughable.

Prepare yourselves Snow Ninjas, Army of Club Penguin are going to send you right back up Sensei’s *ss where you belong! You’re going to wish that you never came across the destructive path of Army of Club Penguin!

P.S. Glad to be back as 3ic!


6 Responses

  1. dude idk if they’re still alive we’ve been hitting them hard today

  2. Woohoo nice to have you back! (Please don’t leave us again Zoomey!)

  3. wb and btw Zoom, didn’t u lead that army before??

  4. you do realize that due to the fact that ur statements don’t have picture proof, we all can only assume it either true or just a big hoax.

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