Salutations everyone,


Today the Snow Ninjas tried to take one of our servers Belly Slide in what was a strong display of force, for ACP. We maxed 14 with great tactics and formations. As the battle continued, we gained some more size and ACP held a distinct advantage over the enemy. Great work today everyone, let’s keep this going!

After the battle, SN were sore losers and couldn’t accept their decimation. They look pretty damn sore though aye?

About 12 ACP vs. what seems to be just over 8 SN??!!

Another top tier rko by ACP; Rest in Pieces.

Hey let’s play Spot the SN! I think I’m having a bit of trouble here!


Oh and don’t forget this one guys:

On the personal attack ; an A+ for relevance!




Snow Ninjas again on Breeze tomorrow!


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