Club Penguin: ACP Defends Breeze From Snow Ninjas @ClubPenguin [VIDEO]

Club Penguin Blog – Penguin of the Week: Lhasapinky @clubpenguin

Hey guys!

Today Club Penguin picked the new POTW (Penguin of The Week) who was nominated by Green N Cool so special shout out from the Army of Club Penguin to Lhasapinky for receiving the POTW. And here is a copy of Megg’s (CP moderator/blogger) post.



Hi, penguins!

Lhasapinky was nominated to be Penguin of the Week by Green N Cool!

Here is their nomination:

“Hello, Megg. I would like to nominate Lhasapinky for Penguin Of The Week. I’ve noticed that she has put so much effort into role playing with other players online. She comes across as a really friendly and kind player who has dedicated her time to make other players smile. Thank you.”




Congrats, Lhasapinky!

Want to nominate a friend for Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment telling us why! Each Penguin of the Week receives 10,000 coins and the POTW Background.

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


Make sure to keep checking in for more Club Penguin updates and more. And congratz to the new POTW for receiving 10,ooo coins and the POTW background!

Waddle on!



This is why you don’t touch Breeze (Defence of Breeze Results – Victory)

Important Posts to Read:

War Schedule

Our Response to Snow Ninja’s declaration of war

Greetings, ACP. As a good majority of you know, Snow Ninjas scheduled an invasion of our capital, Breeze, and I’m proud to say we work incredibly hard today today to defend Breeze successfully. Especially people like Sam, Kitty, Brad and Doctor Mine Turtle who helped to hype and recruit for hours before the battle with me. As a result of this dedication we maxed 30 on Breeze with Snow Ninjas not attending.

Like I said, Snow Ninjas, you’ll regret even daring to invade Breeze by the time this war is over.


Not that you could have beaten us with ten people on chat but okay.

SN’s reason for not attending

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Bring it on SN!

Skipper233: I’m Addicted To ACP[I’m back!!] @clubpenguin

I’m just too addicted to ACP and this game, I just can’t seem to stay away. Yes as you see in the title I am back as a mod rank in the MIGHTY Army of Club Penguin!

I’m going to stay in Club Penguin/ACP for one more year, maybe. But yes, I am fully returning back to ACP. I’ll try to get a ACP Recruiting video out soon, and spread the word on my twitter. That i’m back, and etc.

It’s good to be back in ACP you guys! Let’s all work hard/together on rising back to the top. And since I am back, yes I am bring back Project: Make ACP Great Again 

So CPAC get ready to witness the power of the Army of Club Penguin!!! :mrgreen:


Until Now,


Message to the “Snow Ninjas”

Ok so let me get this straight, the ACP is 6th on the CPAC Top Ten. Close to the Top 5 armies in Club Penguin. And as most of you know, Snow Ninjas aren’t even in CPAC nor SMAC Top Ten. So clearly they’re a irreverent.

So dear Snow Ninjas, no matter what we are still bigger than you guys, and it’s completely sad and unbearable to see the stupidity in y’all. You guys should just give up, and walk away. Because if I have to, I will come back to ACP and join this so called battle against y’all. Then leave again once it’s over. Y’all are doing nothing but wasting ACP’s time, when we could be battling or beefing with ACTUALLY armies.

Y’all really think going into war with the mighty Army of Club Penguin will make you guys seen in CPAC. You are sadly mistaken. You guys pretty much lost every single battle with us, you’re just so stupid/selfish to accept it and move on. Message to SN leaders: A GREAT leader learn to accept the lost and try to find away to improve. Y’all just plain, straight stupid. 

If I have to come back to ACP for this battle, i’mma do everything in my own power to make sure y’all not even breathing anymore. Gonna make sure SN is completely dead, and all of you’re “servers” are in the hands of ACP.

Y’all just making a bigger fool than you already are, out of yourselves. So y’all should just give up.



Try be more nice next time SN?

You see, it seems after SN tried to make me look bad to their 11 people visiting their website but then this happened…

Not only did he admit to you treating him bad but done it so much he went to the army you are at war with. You lost out BIG TIME! Already this guy, Samsungy, has made a huge impact on ACP!

Woah SN. You need to treat your troops better and maybe then they won’t go to the army you went to war with…

Anyway, the point I am making is don’t say I’m a bad person or ACP is “mean” when you’re driving great troops away! Oh my goodness Snow Ninjas, I can’t believe you’ve done this…  Even though you’re a horrible army I thought you had a bit of sense. Obviously not…