Skipper233: I’m Addicted To ACP[I’m back!!] @clubpenguin

I’m just too addicted to ACP and this game, I just can’t seem to stay away. Yes as you see in the title I am back as a mod rank in the MIGHTY Army of Club Penguin!

I’m going to stay in Club Penguin/ACP for one more year, maybe. But yes, I am fully returning back to ACP. I’ll try to get a ACP Recruiting video out soon, and spread the word on my twitter. That i’m back, and etc.

It’s good to be back in ACP you guys! Let’s all work hard/together on rising back to the top. And since I am back, yes I am bring back Project: Make ACP Great Again 

So CPAC get ready to witness the power of the Army of Club Penguin!!! :mrgreen:


Until Now,


3 Responses

  1. Welcome back Skip! 😀

  2. aka i just got bored lmao

  3. Welcome back Skipper, just try to balance ACP and real life.

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