BREAKING NEWS:Having to start all over on the new @clubpenguin ??


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As most of you know by now, Club Penguin will be shutting down at some point in time. To release a NEW Club Penguin out onto the internet. Which is part of the project, Club Penguin has been doing for a few years now, known as “Project: Super Secrete”  in order to make the game more better/newer.

The official name of the new Club Penguin hasn’t been announced yet, some people are calling it CPNext, etc. But when the new Club Penguin is out, and the original CP is shutted down completely, that also means a HUGE migration in Club Penguin Armies as well.

A Club Penguin player CpXpome has asked Club Penguin current CEO, Spike Hike. If players on normal Club Penguin will keep everything on their current Club Penguin account, and transfer it to the new Club Penguin. So they won’t have to start all over, in getting items and other stuff they have worked up to get on the original CP. Spike Hike responded saying the new Club Penguin will have a whole different, and newer system. 

So therefore everybody who plays current CP now. And gained all the new items/has all the old items from back in the day and etc. Will be gone. Most people are saying that, other people are saying that’s not how it’s gonna be, that we will keep all our stuff and it will transfer onto the new Club Penguin for when it comes out, and the original CP is shutted down for good.

But the new Club Penguin is definitely coming out, and which means to original CP from 2005 will be completely shut down. And all the players on it including armies. Will have to migrate onto the new Club Penguin, once it is available for everyone.

Right now there is nothing but confusion on twitter, and people overreacting, and neither Club Penguin nor Spike Hike has responded to people asking questions and settling out this huge confusion. Here are some messages from well known CP bloggers who has been fully updated about this new CP. Here is what they had to say.

Jdan1001 – CP Blogger:

King Boo – CP Blogger:

So what do you think? Will Club Penguin players have to start all over for what they worked so hard to get? Or will they be able to transfer it to the new Club Penguin once it is released?

Also leave a comment telling us how you feel about Club Penguin players/Armies having to migrate onto a new Club Penguin, once the original is completely shut down. I will make sure to keep you guys informed when anything new comes up.

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UK Invasion of Patagonia [Victory]

Important Posts to Read:

If you penguin got banned click here to see CP’s explanation

War Schedule

Greetings, ACP. Earlier on today, we logged on Patagonia for our first invasion of the war and we were successful as we maxed 20 whilst Snow Ninjas maxed four meaning Patagonia is now part of our empire! Let’s hope SN put up more of a fight at tomorrow’s invasion of Belly Slide but for now carry on reading and welcome, Patagonia!

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Club Penguin Responds About Account Bans @ClubPenguin

Hey guys!

As most of you know, many people in the CP Army Community has been banned from Club Penguin forever, for no reason. Including me. And when I contacted Club Penguin both through email and twitter. They responded back to me on twitter in DMs. Check it out.

So if you have been banned forever on Club Penguin, make sure to contact Club Penguin through email >>> <<< and tell them you have been banned forever, for no reason.

They said your account possible may been banned because they were fixing the bots issue, by removing accounts that may been bots. And they got some main, non-bots accounts mixed up. At least this proves they’re actually trying to fix the bot issue.

So make sure to contact them through email, and hopefully our Club Penguin accounts will be unban! And thank you so much Club Penguin for responding back!


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Club Penguin Blog: Book Lovers Day

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Megg has just posted on the Official Club Penguin blog. Talking about “Book Lovers Day” come check out on what she had to say!

Hi, penguins!

Magic wands… talking dogs… beanstalks that grow into the clouds…

Did you know? Reading a book isn’t just fun, it can also be good for our health and happiness! To celebrate yesterday’s Book Lovers Day, here are a few reasons to pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read:

  • Just like exercise helps keep our bodies healthy and strong, reading regularly might contribute to improving our memories.
  • Reading can help us relax! I know after a busy day, I love to curl up with a good book to wind down.
  • We can fit endless possibilities in our hands! From fire-breathing dragons to vampires & werewolves, no matter what each of us likes to read, there are books for everyone!

Do you love to read? Let us know some of your favorite books in the comments below!

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-Club Penguin Team

Make sure to keep checking in for more Club Penguin updates and more!

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Letter To @ClubPenguin / @BobbehJean From @ACPArmy

Dear Club Penguin,

Some of our soldiers in the ACP – Army of Club Penguin was banned forever on Club Penguin, for no reason. Such as Fluffyboy3, CP Galaxy YT, Ahmed7569 and maybe more. We all know we haven’t broken any of the Club Penguin rules, we never swore, do ads, or be rude/mean or anything.

The ban started sometime after we logged onto the server Breeze, to have a event. And sometime after that, that’s when people start saying they got banned forever. If you don’t believe us that we did not recruit, or anything. Here is a video I recorded of the event, the whole time as proof we did not break any CP rules.

The ACP – Army of Club Penguin is a place for players that play Club Penguin to meet a whole lot of new people, make friends, and do a lot more activities on Club Penguin and keep people into wanting to continue to play the game. We have been around Club Penguin for almost 10 years now, so we played a big role in the Club Penguin history and still do.

We go onto Club Penguin and have a friendly battle/snowball fight with other armies, and there are times we reward people with memberships and coin codes. You guys can’t really punish us for rewarding other people, knowing we’re buying the memberships codes, and stuff like that with our own money. We just want Club Penguin players to be happy, that’s why the Army of CP was made in the first place.

And also the ACP rules on our chat and site is the same as Club Penguin, we don’t allow swearing or any of that. And people who breaks those rules gets banned on chat, just like they would get ban on Club Penguin if they broke any of those rules.

We’re really tired of being treated unfairly, when we haven’t even pretty much did anything wrong. And it’s especially not fair punishing individuals just because they’re in armies.

We really hope you see this letter and we can sort this whole mess out with you guys, and hope we can gain your support again.

Waddle on!

The Official ACP: Army of Club Penguin


AUSIA Defence of Frozen [Victory]

Important Posts to Read:

War Schedule


Greetings, ACP. Today we successfully defended Frozen from Snow Ninjas who maxed three in this defence, after battling them for three minutes they logged off admitting defeat. We maxed thirteen in this event and hopefully we can improve this for our UK invasion at 8:30 pm GMT/3:30 pm EST. Make sure to attend if you can.

10th august ausia 3

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