Snow Ninjas melted (UK Invasion of Belly Slide results – victory)

Edit: We’re having a party at 8:30 pm GMT/3:30 pm EST tomorrow to celebrate the success of this war. Make sure to attend and to comment on this post that 1. you attended this battle and 2. what you want to do at the party tomorrow. Super Edwin

Greetings, ACP. We’ve successfully invaded SN’s last server aka Belly Slide ; it took us four days to make them realise they had no chance against us and for them to give up on their capital. We maxed 22 in this event with no opposition. Like I said, Snow always melts; don’t forget that. Carry on reading for pictures and a video of the battle provided by Zoomey.

11th august uk 10


11th august uk 11

11th august uk 7

11th august uk 6

11th august uk 5

Comment if you attended,

edwin avatar

Super Edwin



11 Responses

  1. Attended and I’d like to do find four

  2. i came/ i can prob come

  3. I’ll make a youtube video, celebrating the war after the party tomorrow

  4. Attended. Hide and seek, CJ and Find Four is what I’d like.

  5. attended mancal CJ snow fire regular and find 4

  6. *mancala

  7. agario gameplay

  8. Attended event!!!!!!! it was so cool. Btw if you g uys haven’t learned which penguin I am yet. I am Raingirl370. So don’t tell me I wasn’t there cause I was. -.- ANYWAYS fun event

  9. I came and find four

  10. My comment must of been deleted. I attended and I would like mancala, ski racing, or possible a soccer game.

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