UK Invasion of Snow Bound [Victory]

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Greetings. ACP. Today we had a UK invasion of Snow Bound in which we maxed 24 and defeated RPF despite them thinking they were Olympic running stars for ten minutes of the invasion, thanks for making us run after you for 10 minutes, which was obviously to hide the fact that they were struggling to max more than 10. Carry on reading for a video of the battle (includes RPF’s Olympic running team)  and for pictures.

invasion of snow board 9


invasion of snow board 5

invasion of snow board 4

invasion of snow board

Comment if you attended,

edwin avatar

Super Edwin


5 Responses

  1. Attended.

  2. Attended!

  3. Call me Penny Oleksiak because I just won the first gold for Canada.

  4. and GOLD goes to ACP..

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