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Greetings, ACP!

Hey RPF, remember that army that you said maxes 10+? Well, if you didn’t know, we just demolished you. That’s right, ACP. We well and truly smashed RPF on the server Cozy, maxing 25 in the process. After losing 10 servers in one day, this so called “number one army” must now rely on some shady dual browser usage,

Uhh, uhh, afk store!

As well as insulting us for using “allies” (Lol, do you even know what an alliance is?) yet being hypocrites themselves creating false hope about your so called “allies” to take down an army that according to you, maxes 10.

Anyway, as well as obliterating RPF, we had a visit from the newly resurrected Dark Warriors, who were bigger than RPF, not surprisingly. Also RPF, why hide behind Dark Warriors and copy their tactics, I thought you were the big bad strong army? Whatever you tried, it didn’t work.

Overall, our tactics were great and we had an excellent start to the war today. Remember, Preserve Justice and Defend Freedom!  Remember to comment if you came! Pics courtesy to Edwin and video by Zoomey.



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