Getting to Know Your Troops #I Lost Count

Hi everybody!

It’s your boi the Lord Almighty here bringing to you a special interview with owner DJKB1, is it just me or does that sound like a terrorist name? Maybe it’s just me but it sounds a little suspicious. Today we will be taking a deeper look into this DJ’s wonderful world. Let’s get to it.



DjKb1 will be this color:

Me, I’ll just be this color.

Now lets begin.


How old are you? 15

Where country do you currently live in? Umm the UK…

That isn’t a country? The United Kingdom. I’m afraid that’s a country, darling.

Oh.. What am I thinking of then? ENGLAND

England isn’t a country? But the UK is! But, you didn’t except it. What can I say?

Do you have any secret pleasures other than being in CP armies? What do you mean by secret pleasures?

Look it up.   Eww, I looked it up and I found a site for adult sex tots. Thanks for leading me there, buddy. But, anyways I love acting and I got cast to play Kovacs in a London stage production of the Grand Budapest, and Fagin from Oliver. In of course, London Youth Theater.

If you were a DJ in real life, what would you DJ name be?  DJ Khaled xdd! Wait, actually I’d choose DJ Dead Meme

Why is that? Well, all my tracks would have things like Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style, and Nyan cats. Dead memes, you might say.

You do know all of that is copyright? You know what a DJ is right?

I’m the one asking the questions fool.

                                                                   Is this in the interview?


                                                         Ok change my answer then, “You do know all of that is copyright?” Change my answer to “So what’s the problem with Edwin being gay.”

What Is Your Favorite…? 

What is your favorite food? Pizza of course.

What is your favorite desert? I’m not a fan of cakes and chocolate, so just a big fruit salad.

What is your favorite subject in school? Drama.

Who your favorite musical artist? Ennio Morricone, he’s a composer. 

What is your favorite video game? Fallout 4

What is your favorite movie? Well, my favorite movie has got to be the Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s a artsy, wonderful, and funny movie. The camera shots and movement is all old fashioned. The acting, the use of the English language, is all superb.

What is your favorite T.V show? Probably Boardwalk Empire. It’s a tv show about the probation in the 1920’s. The pacing, the music, and the atmosphere is well written. I’m not the biggest fan of T.V shows. 

What is your favorite childhood movie? Home Alone, a classic.

What is your favorite childhood T.V show? Spongebob, I still find it funny to this day. And all the memes spawned from it.

Who is your favorite actor? Hmm, uhhh. Samuel L Jackson

What is your favorite animal? Cats!

CPArmies Questions:

Was A.C.P your first army? No, it was actually Team Gold. But after I moved to the UK, I joined ACP.

Why did you change armies? TG were bullying me, and ACP were really big (under Flen) so I just quit TG and joined.

Have you joined armies other than ACP and TG??  Yeah, quite a few. I led the Light Defenders and the United Penguin Army.

What makes ACP different from those armies? ACP is a family, and we never give up.

Who was your favorite ACP leader? Sercan, although he did some questionable stuff he was still inspirational. He also led ACP to great heights.

Well there ya go guys, thanks for reading bros and stay awesome.

7 Responses

  1. “So what’s the problem with Edwin being gay.”

  2. Me next! These are so much fun!

  3. Hey Edwin what is that about not being gay?

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