Ahmed’s B’day

Heya guys!! 😎 This is me Madona!!! No don’t worry it’s not something stupid but a very very important day on 26th August for Ahmed….. Its Ahmed’s B’day!!!

All are invited to Ahmed’s B’day Party, and we will have games like,

  • Pokemon Showdown
  • Slither.io/agar.io/diep.io
  • Club Penguin Party
  • And a fun chat at xat……

All are invited and have a grand party…. PLs read the information below carefully:-

  1. Date: 26th August 2016
  2. Time: 1 PM GMT, 6:30PM IST
  3. Venue: Xat.com/TheMKIAclub OR Xat.com/TheACP<<< click to come at the venue
  4. RSPV: Ahmed, Madonna, Robin….

~love, Madonna.


3 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday!

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