Events for the Week 5th September – 11th September

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August Promotions

10 years of leaders #Shab

❗ Today’s Events ❗

❗ US Practice Battle vs Golds ❗

When: August the 9th

Server: Breeze


7:00 pm EST

6:00 pm CST

5:00 pm MST

4:00 pm PST

12:00 am GMT

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UK Defence of Iceland [Defeat]

Greetings, ACP. Despite not realising RPF were invading us till two hours before the invasion (wow, I know) we managed to get seventeen people on Iceland to meet RPF although we lost we stayed on till :30 to give RPF a battle. Carry on reading for pictures of the defence.

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AUSIA Recruiting Session


Hello ACP, today we logged into Iceberg (a two bar server) and had a little recruiting session and I’d say it went very well we were able to get around 15 on and had good tactics. Iceberg actually went form a two bar server then went up to a 3 when we logged on. I was expecting this but I want 20+ next AUSIA event, we can do it! Carry on reading for more pictures.



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