Unscheduled US Event On Breeze

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10 Years of Leaders #Shab  US U-Lead On Belly Slide

Heyo ACP After a very successful organized US event, the Army Of Club Penguin chat started getting more and more people on, and before we knew it, a Unscheduled Event was under way! We maxed 13 and averaged 12 throughout the entire event with perfect tactics. This is only the beginning of the rebuilding of the ACP US Division. We will strive to be the very best army! Comment if you came.

9-5-16 US Event 6

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US U-Lead on Belly Slide

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10 Years of Leaders #Shab

Hello All, Today the most amazing US division held a U-lead on Belly Slide. We maxed 15 and averaged 14, with solid tactics. The event was lots of fun with many people leading tactics and even deciding formations! I sincerely hope we continue having fun events like these in the future. And secondly (and more importantly in my opinion) this is my first post the grand and great ACP site! Big hand to Super Edwin for giving me the honor and providing some the pictures of the event. Remember to leave a comment if you were there.


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AUSIA Party Results

Hello ACP, Today we went to Blizzard to have a party with other fellow CP players we managed to max around 14 at this event. I am trying to get a PB at the same time for tomorrow! Keep up the good work ACP! Carry on for more pics!

Max: 14 | Average: 13

max 114 carzy skill.png

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