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Greetings, ACP. In the last post (click here to read it) we went over how Boomer became leader after a civil war broke out which nearly resulted in the website being deleted as well as a short bit about what he did in his first term as leader.

“For my memory will remain with my soldiers for as long as they fight for the Army of Club Penguin.  We are ACP soldiers for life.  And don’t you ever forget it.”  Boomer 20

During this post we’ll take about Boomer’s second term as leader as he  had two terms as leader with his first starting from the 18th of November 2008 and ending on the 2nd of June 2008 and his second one, as ACP’s tenth leader,  being from the 25th September 2009 to 3rd January 2010.


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Clash of the unforgiven 2009

“The sun is rising on the Army of Club Penguin.  The dawn of a new era awaits.  Together, we will restore this army to glory.” Boomer 20

The coup of Seanehawk to winning the Decades End Tournament (Boomer’s second term as Leader) 

“At 8:00 pm PST on September 25, 2009, I hereby declare a coup d’etat against the leadership of ACP. The time for decency has ended. You lost that privilege once you put yourself above the soldiers of this great army, who work hard every day to make this army everything it can be, and you cannot even take the time to consider their opinions. There shall be no need for impeachment, for in a dictatorship such as this, there is no need for democracy. We now control the site, and I reserve the right to take you out by force.”  An extract from Boomer’s Coup D’Etat post.

Boomer’s second term as leader began on the 25th September 2009 when he couped Seanehawk from the position of ACP leader and took over the role of leader. The main reason for this coup was that Seanehawk, also known as Meat, had essentially destroyed freedom of speech in ACP. Former leaders, such as Shab and Dry, and troops had been banned for speaking against his leadership as well as the fact that Meat had ignored the advice of former leaders and stuck to getting advice off a group of friends.

Meat's Deal

Picture used in Boomer’s coup D’Etat post about Meat. The picture shows an example of Meat abusing a former leader for not agreeing with him. You can find the post by clicking here.

Another reason for this coup was that, Meat had been used numerous times to humiliate ACP by the Nachos as Meat had shown no respect towards the Nachos who needed their empire back to successfully recruit after losing their website however Meat ignored their request and kept Nachos’ empire.

“During the Mammoth conflict when Shab was leader, the Nachos returned all our servers so we could rebuild from our loss. Meat, in the same situation, has refused to give back any of their servers (even though we already had enough) simply so the Nachos couldn’t have them. He knows the Nachos need Fjord to recruit, but he completely refuses to show any consideration for an army that is in dire need of help after losing their site. He knows the Nachos don’t have the strength to beat us right now, and he is using our power to take advantage of them. That is not the mentality of a good leader.” Extract from Boomer’s Coup D’Etat post which you can find here.

One of the other issues that Boomer brings up is the fact that Meat and his circle of friends blame the ACP soldiers for ACP’s fall which Boomer disagrees on as he talks about how the leader is ultimately to blame for everything that goes wrong with the army as well as the times things go well.

Soldiers' Fault

 “What kind of leader blames the army’s problems on the soldiers? As a leader, you are responsible for everything that goes on in the army, good and bad. It is your job to look out for the soldiers, to listen to them, to do what is right for them. To blame all of your deficiencies on the them is about as low as it gets. These are the kind of leaders Meat surrounded himself with? You Sir, are a disgrace to this army.” The picture and this extract are from Boomer’s  Coup D’Etat post which can you find here.

The responses from the troops of the coup of Meat were mainly of relief that Meat was no longer leading ACP and was unable to blame the troops anymore if ACP fell.  One of the first things Boomer did as leader was give Fjord back to the Nachos so that they could use it to recruit off and slowly rebuild.

Decades End Tournament 28th December 2009 – 30th December 2009

Click here for the source used for this part of the post.

A few months after this coup began the Decades End Tournament, this was a tournament which would determine the best army in CPA , it was the first tournament CPAC had ever hosted and the Army of Club Penguin along with several other armies were invite these armies being:  Nachos, Hot Sauce Army, Ice Warriors, Club Penguin Crew, Watex Warriors , Impossible Mission Army Force and Golden Warriors.

ACP‘s first battle was against HSA, on the 28th December 2009, and they  defeated HSA who maxed 25 compared to ACP’s 75 resulting in ACP going  into the semi final round vs Nachos who had beaten Club Penguin Crew.

Click here for a review made by Boomer about the first round.

ACP fighting HSA in the first round. Taken from

ACP vs Nachos in the semi-final

During this battle, ACP was missing their leader Boomer from the battle meaning ACP was led by Saint1119 during the battle. ACP managed to prevent Nachos entering Snow Forts by having enough people to make the room full as well as having lockouts in the Town to fight the Nachos there. Overall, ACP maxed 90 compared to Nachos’ 45 troops resulting in ACP being named the original winners of the Semi Final however this sparked anger from the Nachos who said ACP had done very little tactic wise; to resolve this Woton made the battle a tie which then again led to anger as ACP accused Woton of being bias to Nachos. This meant that the final would consist of ACP vs Nachos vs IW who had beaten IMAF to get into the final.

The Final – 30th December 2008

1.  Spread out at ALL TIMES

  2. Never leave the room or do anything without being ordered by me

3.When we charge, charge with clovers, DO NOT JOKE BOMB

4. When we change rooms, everyone do clovers and then move to the next room

5.When you get to a new room, keep clovering and spread out

6.Keep alert for orders at all time

7. If the Snow Forts are full, go to the Plaza”  Tips Boomer gave the Army in a post about the finals (which you can find here.)

The final started off with ACP being in Snow Forts, IW in Town and Nachos in Cove. Once the battle had started Boomer had to split troops into different rooms with leaders for each room to deal with the overwhelming troops that ACP had. ACP quickly took over Snow Forts with its strongest division consisting of over sixty-five soldiers whilst sending a second division out to conquer Plaza which consisted of around forty-five troops.

The comparison between the strongest force in Snow Forts and lockouts in Plaza. Picture taken by Boomer

After filling both Snow Fort and Plaza, ACP lockouts went into the Ice Rink to meet Nachos who had gathered some of their troops  in the Ice Rink (they had other troops in the Forest) and the fight between Nachos and ACP began as ACP in Plaza stormed into Forest to take over Nachos’ base there resulting in Nachos’ withdrawing troops from Ice Rink to defend it from ACP.

Picture taken by Boomer

ACP managed to push Nachos into retreating to Cove allowing ACP to take over Forest before storming into the Cove to fight Nachos at this point ACP tried to reunite two of the three division spread around Club Penguin resulting in madness on Xats as well as on Club Penguin as ACP had over 140 troops on CP and over a 103 registered users separated into three pools on the chat.

Picture taken by Boomer of ACP’s 103 registered users count.

Towards the end of the battle, ACP had managed to gain control of all the main battles rooms by successfully defending and invading against IW and Nachos including a moment when IW tried to invade Plaza from one of ACP‘s divisions whilst Boomer tried to convey messages between all three pools for each leaders of the divisions. Ultimately, IW’s attack was unsuccessful and ACP managed to successfully defend Plaza from IW.

Picture taken by Boomer.

ACP were crowned the winners of the tournament, earning the title of “Army of the Decade” with the victory as well as several other rewards such as Army of the Year and Most active army of the year. ACP hosted a huge party in the Night Club after the tournament for Boomer as this was one of his last events as leader.

Boomer’s victory speech after the the decades end tournament. Picture taken by B2

 Retirement of Boomer 20

“A leader is only as good as his soldiers, and I have the best soldiers any leader could ever ask for.  You never let me down, and you fought hard for me every day for more than 6 months.  For that, I can never thank you enough. “ A quote from Boomer 20’s first retirement post which you can find here.

Boomer first retired on the 2nd June 2009 where he promoted Saint to become the 7th leader of ACP, he second and final retirement from ACP  was on the 3rd January 2010 where he talked about how he was no longer able to lead ACP due to it impacting negatively on his school work.

“I hope that my achievements are remembered for as long as ACP remains, in the hearts and minds of my soldiers, friends, and enemies alike.  I will take some time, to write my own ACP Saga, much like Oagal did a while ago, of my time as Leader of the Army of Club Penguin.  It is my hope that this, like others written in the past, will document the history of ACP for generations to come.”

I’d like to be one of the first ones to say that even six years later, Boomer is still remembered in ACP and respected as you can clearly tell by our current word tactics dedicated to him.

I’m so sorry, Boomer. 😦



2nd september us 9


 In all seriousness, Boomer’s leadership is one that shows the true meaning of a leader in my opinion and as to why ACP is truly nothing without it’s loyal troops who over generations have ensured that ACP can reach the milestone of turning ten. For that I can only thank Boomer for making that message stand strong throughout his leadership and the troops who work hard daily for ACP.

Super Edwin

boomer love

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