[UK/US]Training Operation on Breeze


Today we logged on to breeze for a quick training session to finish of the week, and head in to the final week of September 2016. It was a little slow at the beginning, but we gained size and maintained it throughout the event. We maxed 11 and averaged 10. Ever since school started up again, I haven’t seen a large amount spot on tactics at events in a row. Today we broke that streak, getting a perfect EF clover tactic. Thanks to those who attended!
Continue reading for more pictures.

Solid 10 doing an clover tactic flawlessly.

Size: 11

Nice work today. This was a nice way to end the week: with a smooth conclusion.

Though we did well today, the fact remains that we need to recruit much much more in order to double these sizes, which is closer to our full potential. Everyone has potential, and thus, everyone should embrace it. To not embrace your potential in life is one of the saddest things.

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

March onwards to victory!

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  1. Sorry I missed it.

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