Ten Years of ACP; Rolling in the Double Digits

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Salutations everyone,

It humbles me to finally be writing this post on this very important day in Club Penguin Army history. It’s almost unreal that ACP is still here after a whole decade. Oagalthorp created the ACP in 2006, and 10 years later we are here together celebrating this day where hard work and worthy perseverance is strongly remembered. After all that’s happened, we still fought our way through and ended up paving the way for other armies and other aspirations to follow in our wake.

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Happy 10th Anniversary ACP! [ US Event Results]

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Ten Year Trivia #5

We’ve created history again

Wishing ACP a Happy Birthday from AR

Today was the 10th anniversary of the creation of the ACP. I know, it’s amazing to think about. The fact that this group, this team, this army, has been alive and active for 10 entire years is astounding. When I first joined ACP in 2008 I never envisioned the army alive for so long, and I bet neither did Oagal.

Who should get the credit for this great feat? You guys. All of you, each and every one. All of you soldiers who are currently active, all who are retired, all who ever participated in a practice or war whether you were ranked or unranked or even realized that we weren’t just a bunch of green penguins dancing around spouting the clover icons every so often, and sometimes managing to make sorta-circle-ish formations.

Now, what did we do today?

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We’ve created history again

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Greetings, ACP.  Ten years ago, a guy called Oagalthorp created the Army of Club Penguin. Ten years later, we’re still here in this community despite numerous attempts to remove us from this community as well as challenges that we’ve over come together in the history of this army. Legends and their stories have begun here with people like  Oagalthorp, Boomer, Mchappy, Flipper, Kenneth and Flipmoo leaving their mark in ACP’s history and an even bigger one  CPA’s history.

“This is the Army of Club Penguin. It’s not just an army in Club Penguin” Oagalthrop


“The past is over and the future doesn’t exist yet. Do what you can while you can do it, and you’ll be set for the future you create.”Oagalthorp

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Wishing ACP A Happy Birthday

Army of the Republic | Welcome to the Ghosts |

Hio AR. I realize that I don’t post much, but I felt an obligation to post about such a truly remarkable day. 10 years ago, the Army of Club Penguin was created by Oagalthorp. On September 29, 2006, Oagalthorp created the Army of Club Penguin and incessantly aspired to make it the best army it could be. 10 years later, ACP still resides in the community, which is truly astounding. Not once has ACP fallen to the point of death within its lifetime, and we must recognize that while a myriad of various other armies in the community have fallen during some point in their lifetime or died entirely, ACP has stayed unceasingly strong and alive while overcoming ostensibly insuperable obstacles. For that, I would personally like to congratulate ACP on such an accomplishment, and would like to thank them for all they have given to the community over the…

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