Happy 10th Anniversary ACP! [ US Event Results]

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Wishing ACP a Happy Birthday from AR

Today was the 10th anniversary of the creation of the ACP. I know, it’s amazing to think about. The fact that this group, this team, this army, has been alive and active for 10 entire years is astounding. When I first joined ACP in 2008 I never envisioned the army alive for so long, and I bet neither did Oagal.

Who should get the credit for this great feat? You guys. All of you, each and every one. All of you soldiers who are currently active, all who are retired, all who ever participated in a practice or war whether you were ranked or unranked or even realized that we weren’t just a bunch of green penguins dancing around spouting the clover icons every so often, and sometimes managing to make sorta-circle-ish formations.

Now, what did we do today?

We did a ton! We went on CP and danced around, we did clover bombs, we sled raced, played connect 4, played mancala (does anyone really know how to play that game?). See the pictures below!






BUT there is one thing we didn’t do, something I like to complain about a lot. We didn’t throw snowballs. I guess that time is over. But that doesn’t mean the army is over. That doesn’t mean we’re done fighting. We’ll still be here for our 15th, maybe even our 20th anniversary, assuming Club Penguin is still around.

So, until then, keep up the excellent work. And keep having fun.


6 Responses

  1. who is this old man

  2. Thanks for posting Shab it means a lot to us. We did good everyone ,big thanks to all the old troops who showed up and made the time a blast, and also thank you Edwin for staying up so late. Never forget the Clover Defenders.

  3. Great post. Really cool to see a post from you on this great day. And I actually have manacala lmao.

  4. Great post Shab. My nostalgia is through the rough right now

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