Ten Years of ACP; Rolling in the Double Digits

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Salutations everyone,

It humbles me to finally be writing this post on this very important day in Club Penguin Army history. It’s almost unreal that ACP is still here after a whole decade. Oagalthorp created the ACP in 2006, and 10 years later we are here together celebrating this day where hard work and worthy perseverance is strongly remembered. After all that’s happened, we still fought our way through and ended up paving the way for other armies and other aspirations to follow in our wake.

Image result for army of club penguin

For me, ACP was a huge inspiration. I looked up to the high-ranking staff and always wanted to be at the top of it all eventually. Ever since this aspiration, this strong desire to become a leader of something so important, I worked hard under 17 leaders and continued gaining skill all the time. During the four years before I ascended to the rank of Commander in Chief, it became a hell of a ride at times. ACP went through wars countless times. Many were one, and some were lost. During times of war, it looked like ACP would not live to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.
While I had to deal with family emergencies here and there, school, and leaves, it looked as though it might be best to just let go and retire after so long. This feeling came to me off and on, and despite numerous periods of distress, I maintained my composure and pushed onward-never giving up. And that’s just what the army did, as with many others.

“Dark times are always followed by Great Success.”~Flipmoo/Slimball2007

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”~Plato
Thus, I vowed that I would not leave the Army of Club Penguin until I was leader. And on May 28th, 2016, what I had vowed to myself for so long came true. I soon came to realize what ACP had taught me. If you help the army, the army will help you.

And here I am. Here WE are. For those who did the same in the past and those who followed my footsteps-at least in a sense-are to be greatly congratulated. This kind of loyalty and determination that we have witnessed for so long in so many people is what has kept this army going for so long. Many people who have served in this glorious organization are responsible for our survival, and on this day, we respect and remember all the former officers of the Army of Club Penguin; 10 years of them. “Get back on the horse and keep riding” is what we will continue to do, after all, we’ve managed to do it for 10 years haven’t we?
Teamwork, perseverance, diligence, loyalty, dedication, honor, etc., are all words and more to describe what makes something reach this point and make history. These are not traits found everywhere everyday, and thus we are VERY lucky to have such a large and memorable history filled with the most dedicated soldiers and leaders that still stand by us to this day. 

My comrades, on this 29th of September, 2016, we have yet again made history.

And now, come with me;
For we are about to continue this journey even further

And continue to strive, continue to fight, continue to survive–together.

Never stop fighting; NEVER! Press onward, my comrades. For there is much more history to be made!

And here are some inspirational(and nostalgic) pictures from the past that I wanted to toss in:

Image result for army of club penguin

Image result for army of club penguin

Image result for army of club penguin

Image result for army of club penguin

Never stop fighting-never. Because it’s true that at any time, especially during dark times, if you don’t fight, you will never get the chance to experience the incredible joy of success once you surpass the darkness. Today is a perfect example of that.

Image result for acp flag gif

March onward comrades,

forever onward!


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  1. Good post Mondo, blows Edwin out of the water.

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